AndroidPal helps developers work better and program easier

Everything Android developers need, in one place.

AndroidPal helps the ever growing number of Android developers across the globe to make their way into and productively and efficiently develop for the Android Platform.

It includes various tools and sections to support Android developers, make their work easier and build a strong community spirit.

The Four  Main Sections:


Quickly get answers to short questions or discuss anything with your peers in focused chat rooms.


The “Stack Overflow” for Android developers with tools and widgets to present Android-specific information in an easier to process manner


Component Libraries and Utilities


AndroidPal Studio for developers offers multiple tools to help debug and develop your apps.


High quality articles, guides and wizards helping junior and senior developers alike

AndroidPal Beta is already live and free!

Be the first to request your beta access at:


Learn more about the platform:


AndroidPal is a project of Belvek, design and development company based in Bulgaria, Europe.


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