How do I use AndroidPal Studio Layers?


AP (AndroidPal) Studio comprises a set of tools helping Android developers debug and understand their apps better. One of the tools is “Layers“. Layers helps you inspect your app’s view hierarchy in real-time and make live changes to it. One of the advanced features of Layers is the option to inspect the views in 3D which gives you the ability to find hidden views and understand the layout better. It is also useful for creating marketing materials.

AP Studio Layers is available at

In order to use AP Studio Layers you have to complete the following steps:

Step 1:

Install the AndroidPal Android app

Once installed start the app and login with your AP Account email by clicking the Sign In button in the app.


Step 2:

Add the AP Layers helper library

The first thing you have to do is to add the following to your project level build.gradle file:

maven { url "" }

Next you have to add the helper library to your app’s level build.gradle file:


* Make sure you’re using the latest version of the lib. If this guide doesn’t get updated you can always find the latest version of the helper lib here: AP Layers Helper Lib.

In the end you’ll have access to your view hierarchy in AP Layers like so:

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AndroidPal is a project of Belvek, design and development company based in Bulgaria, Europe.

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AndroidPal is a project of Belvek, design and development company based in Bulgaria, Europe.


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